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A classic 80s style horror film about a group of young kids who unearth an ancient evil. They find themselves in a race aganst time to stay alive.

When a small semi pro cage fighting team are given the chance to fight against the world champions.


They don't stand a chance, until a dark stranger with a darker past enters their lives.


Police Detective Alex Taylor is drawn into the dark seedy underworld in order to solve a disturbing crime.

The further he digs the more he becomes absorbed into this dangerous and bizarre world... Maybe he's gone too far.

A mythological reasearch expert ins drawn into a deadly race with insane cultists to get their hands on an ancient evil artefact that could destroy the world.

This dark action adventure is exciting, terryfing and not what you'd expect.

George, convinced a ghost killed his family, hires Robert, a talented Medium frustrated by his job. As the dead return to tell of ghostly seduction, demonic rage, and brutal murder, Robert discovers a horror more real than any ghost story.

A funny and gritty film following 6 twenty-somethings as they work behind the bar on a boring Wednesday night in a dank pub in Birmingham. Their relationships change as they gradually realize they didn't know each other as well as they thought.

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